Les Miserables or Les Miseranimals? Who Should Win the Oscar?

Granted this Warner Bros. parody of Les Miserables came out in 1993, but it was overlooked then and should be considered for this year’s academy award. 🙂

Runt Valrunt escapes the pound for stealing a bone to eat (but did he really?) and he is being tracked down by the ruthless Camenbert. Oh, and there’s a little Sweeney Todd macabre thrown in for grins.

Strange Moments in Animation History

In honor of spring’s arrival, I wanted to share this cartoon gem about the seasons. In 1934, three years before Snow White and the Seven Dwarves premiered, Disney wanted to experiment with drawing lifelike “adult” human characters in preparation for Snow White. The result was The Goddess of Spring.

Loosely based on Persephone, the daughter of Zeus and harvest-goddess, Demeter. She was tricked into marriage by Hades. Once a year she has to go to the underworld and during that time we experience winter, and when she returns, the flowers start to bloom again and we experience spring!

While sticking true to the myth, Disney does portray Hades as Satan (who happens to sing opera!) and the underworld as hell. One of my favorite scenes is when Hades brings Persephone to hell for the first time, his demon minions throw a big jazz party!

Yes, it’s silly and dated, but if you’re an animation devotee you’ll find it a lot of fun. You can see the animation style emerge that made Snow White such a masterpiece.

Enjoy! Jonathan

Strange Moments in Animation History

I was researching “scatting” for a show I’m in and did a YouTube search for Cab Calloway, one of the masters of scat, and discovered that he was in Betty Boop cartoons. Out of curiosity, I watched and at first, the cartoon is exactly as expected…cheesy. Then, when Cab’s voice comes into the scene, the animation is surreal, eerie, and just plain awesome! Here’s the good part featuring “Minnie the Moocher”…It’s worth a watch.