Geek Club Books: Geekish Affirmations

Geek Club Books: Geekish Affirmations

Plushy, Cushy, Soft and Lovable Weapon Geekery

1. Linanddani’s Adventure Time Finn’s SWORD PLUSH TOY
2. Handmademonster’s Luke Skywalker Light Saber
3. Freekyfleece’s Plush Toy Sword
4. Land of Nod One Knight Only Sword
5. Gensquared’s ThunderCats Sword of Omens Plush Toy
6. Land of Nod Jolly Robert Saber

Ode to Video Games

A halftime show worth watching!

Shared by Molly 🙂

Geek Out for The Hobbit

I. Lord of the Rings Hobbit Poster from colorpanda
II. Hobbit bracelet by emerydrive
III. Hobbit Hole by Wooden Wonders
IV. The Shire Poster by Harshness
V. Dragon Eye Necklace by Abbots Hollow Studios

Wendy’s Training Video, “Hot Drinks Really Get You Going!”

When you finally land a job the first thing employers usually do is train you on how to do that job. The training process varies depending on the company but big companies tend to let videos do the training. This wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing, except for some reason most of them try way too hard to be hip, cool, and funny through a bunch of embarrassing pop-culture related sketches…clearly no SNL writers (or future SNL writers) on board as their script writers.

This is one of those rare exceptions…a music video that teaches employees at Wendy’s fast food chain how to serve hot beverages, and it’s really AMAZING. Prepare yourselves for…HOT DRINKS.

Toast to the Olympics: MINI’s British and American Anthem

Since we’re a MINI family and huge fans of London’s Summer Olympics, we couldn’t pass posting this concert:

Cheeky Geek

The Queen. The royal wave. The pocket book.

Blue Tongue and Teeth Day!

Today a holiday? Yes, this 7/11 is an official 7-ELEVEN Day to celebrate the company’s 85th birthday. Free blue tongues and teeth for all!

Jon in Capes

Stylish. Powerful. Versatile. A true fashion statement…capes should be an integral part of every wardrobe : )

Geek Out for The Avengers

In anticipation of the opening of The Avengers movie, we’ve geeked out on some cool etsy Avengers’ swag!

1. Avengers Vinyl Decal Symbol by vinyledgedesigns
2. Avengers Iron Man ID Card by movieprops
3. Avenger Faces Buttons by thepapercandyco
4. F is for Nick Fury by thedrewblank
5. The Hulk poster by bigbadrobot