The Boiling Cauldron


MEET: The Boiling Cauldron

The witch’s kooky incantation…

Eye of blue
Tail of fish
Wing of bat
Mmmmm….tasty dish
Rubble, rubble by the double
Light it up
And watch it bubble!

Zombie Joke


If being part of the walking dead isn’t enough, Zombies are also really  suck at telling jokes.

Radio Commercial for Santa Monica Mini Cooper


Danger Dude in AndyZ’s “The Grand Scream of Things” Halloween Audio Play

Oy! I’m happy to announce the release of “The Grand Scream of Things,” a Halloween audio play by multiple award-winning kindie artist, AndyZ, produced by Grammy-nominated Tor Hyams. I voice Danger Dude, AndyZ’s chum, and the Bouncy Beast and his lawyer in the Bouncy House of Horrors. It’s a great Halloween tale for the tween set featuring a kooky cast of characters and 10 original songs.

Click me to hear a clip.

Click me (if you dare) to hear a clip.


Cool illustrations by Woody Miller

“Just Like Me Mum Use to Make”…Olympics Special at Main Street Burgers

A fun, Facebook promotion I recorded for Main Street Burgers in Los Gatos.

Around Great America

The sound engineer I work with at California’s Great America, Thomas Tissot (shout out!), made a 90 second reel of our work together “around the park.”


Murphy as Ice Monster

Jonathan Murphy’s Voice Over…Ice Monster…Click to Play

Ladies and Gentleman! The Great Zindini’s Official Announcer

Check out the The Great Zindini’s Official Announcer voiceover clip Jonathan recently recorded for California Great America’s new live show, “The Magic Hat.”

For more of Jonathan Murphy’s voices, go to

Great America Park Announcer

Check out my in park announcements for Great America, Season 2010!


All Wheels Extreme




Jack’s Juke Box


Snoopy Rocks on Ice


Peanut’s Party


MTV Rock Band Jam


Rock Band Live!


Backyard Circus

More coming in 2011…

Verizon Animated Characters

I was hired by Donnerwood Media to do three voices for animated character clips Verizon customers can download on their mobile phones.  These samples were for Christmas and Hanukkah.  My leprechaun and rabbit characters are coming soon!

Verizon Reel