SimCity and the Improvising Simlish Audition


My most difficult audition to date was for this newest release of SimCity. When my agent sent over the specifications, the production team wanted recordings of 11 character archetypes each with a range of moods–happy, neutral, angry and scared. And the kicker? It had to be in Simlish, an emotion-based language that does not include English or any foreign language words.

And…no script. Every line had to be improvised. But…I needed to include some Simlish words already established (There was a list attached).

I took my time. Learned some Simlish. Rehearsed. Wrote my own sentences in English, something each archetype would say and translated them into Simlish. Rehearsed. Then went into my home recording studio and went for it!

As with all auditions, you do your best, send it off and what will be, will be. Typically you find out pretty quick when you get cast but I think a month or so passed before my agent contacted me to say that I was one of the voice actors selected for the next SimCity.

Wobs! And yibs, yibs, jiboo! I exclaimed! Who’d of thought I’d have an unchie chance in hakibab to get it.

Enjoy the new release and when you’re havin’ a convo with someone in SimCity, you may just be talkin’ to me. Dag dag.  🙂

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