Secret of the Songshell Audio Book

Secret of the Songshell on Amazon and Audible

I recorded my first audio book, Secret of the Songshellfor author Brian TashimaIt’s been released and is available on Amazon and Audible. This was quite a departure for me as most of my client work typically requires about an hour or two in the studio, but narrating a 300 + page book with many characters took about 20 sessions over three month period to record. I teamed up with Michael Meyer who did all of the editing and special effects for the Spectraland characters. It was a great challenge and I’m so happy that Brian loves the final outcome.

Jonathan did an amazing job narrating the audiobook version of Secret of the Songshell. He really brought the characters to life, and his interpretation of the descriptions and dialogue was spot-on. There were many instances where I couldn’t stop smiling as I listened back to the recordings! I would love to work with him again on future installments of the Spectraland Saga.



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