Eh Buh Beh Eh Bob Bergen

I’ve learned so much about voice acting from Bob Bergen. His training and guidance have made a huge difference in my career. Here he’s talking about his job security!

Source: “I Know That Voice” documentary

The Biz…Bob Bergen, The REAL Deal

Jonathan Murphy has been fortunate to have learned his craft from some incredible professionals, but none more impactful than Bob Bergen.

Scene from Bob Bergen's One Man Show (image courtesy of

“For someone who’s been in the business AND successful at it for so long…Bob is just so nice and approachable,” says Jonathan. “As a teacher, he’s off the charts brilliant at getting the most out of his students. I’ve never had so much fun in class, and I grew as a voiceover actor thanks to him.”

You probably already know Bob..well, at least his voice. He’s been in hundreds of commercials including McDonald’s, Geico, and Petsmart…He’s in several animated features including Tangled, Spirited Away, and Wall-E…AND he voices Luke Skywalker for LucasArts interactive games…the list goes on and on. His most important voice (according to Jonathan) is Porky Pig, a Looney Tunes iconic favorite originated by the legendary Mel Blanc.

Bob’s journey from dreaming about voicing Mel Blanc characters to actually being a modern day version of Mel Blanc is well documented on his website and in his one man show, “So Here’s the Deal.”

Poster for Bob Bergen's One Man Show (image courtesy of

Check out this voice clip of Bob Bergen coaching Jonathan Murphy