The Biz…Insider’s Guide to Voiceover

Elaine Clark has just successfully threepeated! A third edition of her quintessential guidebook for a career in voiceovers – “There’s Money Where Your Mouth Is: An Insider’s Guide to Earning Income and Building a Career in Voice-Overs” – has just been released, and it’s chock full of advice on the art of, and the business of, voicing.

“I’m happy there’s a new update,” says Jonathan Murphy. “My original copy is so marked up and dogeared…and the cover is missing too! It’s been my trusty go-to guide for the voiceover biz.”

The Biz…Voice One

How do you stay on the top of your game as an actor? For Jonathan Murphy, it’s Voice One studios in San Francisco. “I’ve been attending Voice One classes for over 10 years now,” says Jonathan. “I was 16 when I started! In the beginning, I took classes to learn voiceover skills, and through the years I’ve taken a variety of character, dialect, and skills workshops that keep me at my best.”

Jonathan likes the environment at Voice One. Founder Elaine Clark is an award-winning actor, producer and director who is able to bring in some of the industry’s top professionals to share their expertise. “I’ve taken classes from people in the business who really know what they’re talking about. Casting directors, talent agents, voiceover actors, marketing specialists…I’ve never had a bad experience!”

But does the investment of time and money in Voice One classes work? “I was signed by an agent because he liked what I did in his class, and I’ve gotten numerous jobs as a result of my connections through Voice One…yeah, I’d say it’s been worth it.”

Voice One Founder Elaine Clark

“Elaine has a great balance to her personality. She is very no-nonsense and business-oriented, but also very warm and friendly. As a result, Voice One is a professional place with a heart.”

Excerpt from Voice One Newsletter

“Voice One goes out of its way to promote the successes of its students. Every newsletter highlights actors’ most recent gigs.”

Jonathan Murphy and Joe Peralta at the Voice One Holiday Bash (Photo courtesy of Joe Peralta)

“One of the other things I like about Voice One is that it’s a great place to network face-to-face.”

Click here for the Voice One 2011 class brochure.