Jolly Holly Hedgehog

Illustration for Dorktales Storytime Podcast's Holiday Spectacular Episode Jolly Holly Hedgehog
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Dorktales Podcast: Holiday Episode!

Jolly Holly Hedgehog

Pull up a log, gather ‘round the campfire with your cocoa and get ready for the Jolly Holly Day Spectacular! Jolly Holly has been passed down through generations of Folktale Forest hedgehogs—a day for sharing the year’s joyful moments, and the experiences that make hearts sing. Mr. Redge hosts this reason-for-the-season celebration filled with happy hedgehog traditions, podfriend guest appearances, and the debut of a hit holiday song by famous bird crooners, the Branch Sisters!

Podfriends in the Episode

Thank you to our fellow Kids Listen podcast creators who shared their Jolly Hollys in this episode. Find them wherever you enjoy listening to podcasts:

Jolly Holly Hedgehog Song

Introducing the Folktale Forest’s fine feathered friends and birdy buds to Jonathan and Mr. Redge: The Branch Sisters! Twiggy Branch, Olive Branch and Sally swooped in to the Jolly Holly Holiday Spectacular to sing their brand, new tune, Jolly Holly Hedgehog Holiday, a song for the ages that’s sure to be one of your family’s holiday favorites forever more.

Jolly Holly Hedgehog Holiday Preview
Front Cover Art for Dorktales Storytime Podcast song, Jolly Holly Hedgehog Holiday
Back Cover Art for Dorktales Storytime Podcast song, Jolly Holly Hedgehog Holiday

Jolly Holly Hedgehog Creative Team

It’s a wrap on our first holiday show! We have so many creative folks to thank for putting this bonus episode together:

  • Storyteller and Character Voices: Jonathan Cormur
  • Producer and Scriptwriter: Molly Murphy
  • Sound Recording and Production: Jermaine Hamilton from Hamilton Sound Studios
  • Jolly Holly Hedgehog Holiday Song by: Molly Murphy and Phil Harris
  • Performed by: The Branch Sisters—Kristin Schmitz, Monique Hafen-Adams and Molly Murphy
  • Composer: Molly Murphy
  • Guitar: Jo Kroger
  • Banjo and Musical Saw: Phil Harris
  • Clarinet: Stefanie Schmitz
  • Fanfare Trumpet Announcement Effect #3 by SoundEffectsFactory via YouTube
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