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Do you remember the fractured fairy tales that were a part of the Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle show? Well, that’s what the stories we tell on the Dorktales Podcast are like…slightly wacky and very geeky retellings of classic fairy tales. There’s a lesson to learn or an important message to take away from each episode. And, we’ve hidden pop-culture easter eggs for you find and enjoy too!

Collaboration and Teamwork

Three Little Hogs

The story of three hedgehogs and their ultimate triumph over the dastardly wolf using a glue pot, rapier and a wheel barrow.

Staying Alert

Little Red

Leave it to ninja granny with a stealthy rescue plan and fierce tranquilizer dart skills to save the day!

Perils of Power and Greed


Spinning an epic yarn with a magical lawn gnome, clever guessing game and a Wizard of Oz ending!


The Prickly Duckling

What an “ugly” tale that’s a journey through a prickle of preposterous fun.

Admitting a Mistake

The Emperor’s New Quills

A royally embarrassing tale of high-fashion hijinks and one forthright boy willing to blurt out the naked truth.

Being Trustworthy

The Boy Who Cried Hedgewolf

What happens to a far-fetched fibber and devilish prankster when he finally tells the truth?

Following Your Own Path

Ready, Set, Slow!

The race that’s an uplifting dose of determination, confidence, positivity and…wait for it…patience and persistence.

Is it Right to Do Wrong?


Find out how Jack fools the ogre so his mom can have a luxury cottage with all the modern conveniences.

Trust Yourself

The Hee Haw Dilemma

So how did the father and his son end up a panting, sweating, hee-hawing mess by the time they make it to the town square?

Creative Problem Solving

Strudel and Gretel

Is the cute little cottage in the woods Hansel and Gretel’s sweet new sanctuary, or are there more sinister plans awaiting them within?

The Power of Kindness

The Wind, the Sun and the Porcu-PUN

Can two powerful forces of nature have a peaceful match or will their breezy competition cause an epic flare up?

Three Billy Goats Buff Illustration
Brains Over Brawn

Three Billy Goats Buff

Will it take brains or brawn to beat the troll and get across the bridge? Clever tricks and flying troll will leave you rolling in clover!

The Potential to Change

Redge’s Spring Awakening

At Jonathan’s vernal equinox party, can the Witch, Rumpelstiltskin, and Big Bad Wolf awaken Mr. Redge to golden truths that will blow him away?

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