Dorktales Season 1

Think Fractured Fairy Tales meets Big Bang Theory and the History Detectives!

The Dorktales Storytime Podcast hosted by Jonathan Cormur is a family-fun series featuring slightly wacky and very geeky retellings of classic fairy tales and true stories about the hidden heroes of history!


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Season 1 Episodes

Illustration art for Dorktales Storytime Podcast "Redge's Spring Awakening"

EP20: Redge’s Spring Awakening

Illustration of Merlin Tuttle episode of the Dorktales Storytime Podcast

EP19: Merlin Tuttle, Hidden Hero of History

Illustration of Dorktales Storytime Podcast's Three Billy Goats Buff

EP18: Three Billy Goats Buff

Illustration of Wilma Rudolph for the Dorktales Storytime Podcast Hidden Heroes of History

EP17: Wilma Rudolph, Hidden Hero of History

Cover art for The Wind, the Sun and the Porcu-pun on Dorktales Storytime Podcast

EP16: The Wind, the Sun and the Porcu-PUN

Illustration of George Washington Carver episode on Dorktales Storytime Podcast

EP15: George Washington Carver, Hidden Hero of History

Dorktales Podcast Strudel and Gretel illustration

EP14: Strudel and Gretel

Hee Haw Dilemma Dorktales Storytime Podcast illustration

EP13: The Hee Haw Dilemma

EP12: Beanstalk

Illustration of Dorktales Storytime Podcast on Tenzing Norgay, hidden hero of history

EP11: Tenzing Norgay, Hidden Hero of History

Ready Set Slow Dorktales Podcast illustration

EP10: Ready, Set… SLOW!

Dorktales Podcast The Boy Who Cried Hedgewolf illustration

EP9: The Boy Who Cried Hedgewolf

Louis Armstrong Hidden Hero of History illustration

EP8: Louis Armstrong, Hidden Hero of History

EP7: The Emperor’s New Quills

EP6: The Prickly Duckling

EP5: Mary Golda Ross, Hidden Hero of History

EP4: RumpleTaleSpin

EP3: Little Red

EP2: Three Little…Hogs?!

EP1: What Are Dorktales?

Meet the Team

Jonathan Cormur voiceover
Jonathan Cormur

Jonathan Cormur is a SAG-AFTRA voice actor whose character voices appear in video games, apps, digital comics, audiobooks, industrials, and the award-winning independent film, National Bird. For 6 years, he was the voice of California’s Great America for their in-park show announcements, Gold Striker ride and the Halloween Haunt.

Amy Thompson Writer Dorktales Storytime Podcast
Amy Thompson

Amy Thompson has degrees in English and Acting from Brandeis University, before studying at The Second City, Annoyance, and iO Theaters in Chicago. She spent several years on The Second City Touring Company performing improv and original sketch comedy all over the world. She now lives in LA where she writes and continues to act for a living.

Molly Murphy

Molly Murphy is a writer and musician living and working in New York City. She is passionate about storytelling and finding ways to creatively share the work and values of artists and organizations. She uses this passion for her work as Mission Society of New York City’s Communications Manager. She regularly releases and performs original music and facilitates community events both independently and in collaboration.

Karen Simpson Gardiner Dorktales Writer
Karen Gardiner

Karen Simpson Gardiner is a playwright, arts administrator, and mom who wants to make sure every kid can find the thing that makes them shine! Karen writes original adaptations of classic fairy tales for the Dorktales Podcast. She wears many hats as the Executive Director of Peninsula Youth Theatre, an arts organization that provides outstanding theatrical learning experiences for children throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

Audio Engineer
Jermaine Hamilton

Jermaine Hamilton, Studio Circle Recordings, engineers and edits the Dorktales Storytime Podcast. He has over 20 years of music production and recording experience and is known for delivering professional, high quality, cutting edge media and music.

Arthur Lin

Arthur Lin is a children’s book illustrator drawing for the kids market for over 10 years. As a child, he was always inspired by the silliness of Saturday morning cartoons and Sunday comics fueling his dream of becoming an artist. He resides with his family in San Francisco and is currently represented by Shannon Associates.

Dorktales Storytime Podcast Mission

Kindle Imaginations + Cultivate Curious Minds + Create Family Joy!

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