A Creative Life…John A and Joan Dieball

Many of Jonathan Murphy’s friends and family LIVE a creative life! Here’s a look at…

John A and Joan Dieball, Jonathan’s grandparents and his source of creative inspiration, unconditional love and support.

To many, it seems that John Dieball is a true left brainer, strategic thinker, and number cruncher. He graduated from Pepperdine University, got his CPA, and eventually founded his own tech and security companies. But John (or John A as we like to call him), played the piano on early television and in ballet classes, pizza pubs, theater variety shows…anywhere he could make some money to get himself through college.

John Dieball (far right) entertaining a crowd.

Joan Dieball is a force of nature! She’s got a larger than life personality and has a vibrant, always-on-the-move energy. When she was just 3 or 4 years old, her mother would take her on the riverboats to sing and eventually her cute little self could be heard on WCCO radio in Minneapolis. She donned little bo peep and sailor costumes and sang patriot songs and clever (?) tunes, such as “My Mommie told me If I be goodie that she would buy me a rubber dolly.”

Joan and her rubber dolly.

John A and Joan have carved out a grand life together! In addition to family and career, their creative spirits still shine bright.

John Dieball founded and produced the Orange County Classic Jazz Festival with partners Connie and Larry Baker. For 12 years, they’ve kept Costa Mesa hoppin’ to the tunes of Fats Waller, et al, and played an integral role in introducing America’s rich musical heritage to new generations.

Joan Dieball has recently written and illustrated her first children’s book, “Sparky’s World,” based upon a real life, lovable, yellow lab she encounters while on her four mile walks! (We did mention that she has unstoppable energy.)

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