The Bag’s on Jon Series: Sir Redcoat (A Nod to Monty Python)

The Bag's on Jon Voiceover

Radio Commercial for Santa Monica Mini Cooper


The Bag’s On Jon Series: BLOBBY FISSURE

Danger Dude in AndyZ’s “The Grand Scream of Things” Halloween Audio Play

Oy! I’m happy to announce the release of “The Grand Scream of Things,” a Halloween audio play by multiple award-winning kindie artist, AndyZ, produced by Grammy-nominated Tor Hyams. I voice Danger Dude, AndyZ’s chum, and the Bouncy Beast and his lawyer in the Bouncy House of Horrors. It’s a great Halloween tale for the tween set featuring a kooky cast of characters and 10 original songs.

Click me to hear a clip.

Click me (if you dare) to hear a clip.


Cool illustrations by Woody Miller

Around Great America

The sound engineer I work with at California’s Great America, Thomas Tissot (shout out!), made a 90 second reel of our work together “around the park.”


The Biz…An Invitation to a Major Cartoon Recording Session

I sat in on a recording of The Garfield Show¬†featuring some of the industry’s most respected veteran voice actors. Here they were in one room, together, and I had the opportunity to observe them in action and talk, laugh, and interact with them during their breaks! For me, it was a PERFECT day.

Murphy as Ice Monster

Jonathan Murphy’s Voice Over…Ice Monster…Click to Play

Interesting NPCs: Godrod, the Hammer

Jonathan Murphy voiced the character, “Godrod, the Hammer,” NPC for The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim created by Kris Takahashi. According to Kris, “All you need to know about Godrod is that he’s nuts.”

RPG Voice Riffs: Eager Boy

Jonathan Murphy’s Video Game Voice Riffs…the eager boy…Click to Play

RPG Voice Riffs: Dark Elf Wizard Party Member

Jonathan Murphy’s Video Game Voice Riffs…Dark Elf Wizard Party Member…Click to Play