The Goldiquills Effect

Illustration of Dorktales Storytime Podcast episode "The Goldiquills Effect"
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Dorktales Podcast: Episode 30

The Goldiquills Effect

Rushing out to attend the annual Honey Harvest Hullabaloo, the three bears absentmindedly leave their home in haste and end up with an uninvited guest! Goldiquills—a discourteous and disrespectful golden-quilled hedgehog—feels entitled to slurp, smartphone, and sleep her way through their things. Can she widen her eyes (and heart) to her bullying ways when the bear family returns and growls her from her snoring slumber?

PARENTS, TEACHERS AND HOMESCHOOLERS: This episode’s themes include disrespect for others and their possessions, ignoring others feelings, and verbal bullying.

Creatives Behind This Episode

Jonathan Cormur voiceover
Jonathan Cormur


Amy Thompson Writer Dorktales Storytime Podcast
Amy Thompson


Jermaine Hamilton

Audio Engineer

Arthur Lin


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